Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bless You

Tonight Luke was sitting by me on the couch and sneezed. He turned his head away just in time. Although he didn't sneeze on me, I flinched because it was a close call. Luke turned to me and said:

"It's OK mom, I didn't bless you....I blessed the couch."

When someone sneezes we say "bless you". So apparently, Luke believes that every time he sneezes he is bestowing blessings.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My little Ben is not so little anymore. He is sort of in that in between stage where they're not so much a baby anymore, but not quite a toddler yet, either. He is still my baby, but he is becoming so independent!

He refuses to let anyone feed him, and any attempt results in food being flung across the kitchen.

He runs around the house, getting into mischief in general, tearing things out of drawers, throwing things down the stairs, etc. He follows Luke around, "playing" with him. He reaches up on his tiptoes to try and open door knobs (oh please, not yet!)

Ben has mastered the fine art of communication....in his own way. I wouldn't expect you to understand him, as it's not exactly the traditional speaking of English. However, I understand him quite well. His squeals and gestures, accompanied by an occasional ma-ma, uh-oh, or da-da are perfectly understandable (that is if you're his mama). Although he is a man of few words (perhaps he's considering a career being a mime), he seems to have a good understanding of the English language, responding to whatever I say. You see, we understand each other perfectly!

(OK, OK, not exactly perfectly.)

He is quite adept at throwing tantrums whenever his requests are refused. Perhaps, instead of a mime, he is considering a career in acting, for you see, he is quite convincing in his tirades. When unhappy, he is able to turn on the tears like you wouldn't believe. High pitched screams and quivering lip convince us all that he is in dire need of help! However, the moment he is given what he wants, the tears and screaming immediately stop.


But yet, he is still my baby. The one with the cute little feet (I do love babies feet!) The one who snuggles up to me sucking his thumb. The one who loves to get in bed with me and snuggle and "pounce" on me (he thinks he is pretty funny).

He is my joy (one of them, anyway.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want mom!

Lately, Luke has wanted nothing to do with anybody but me when it comes to bedtime. Last week, Brek asked Josh to take him up and get him ready for bed, which resulted in mayhem. Josh was trying to pull him up the stairs, but had to keep prying Luke's hands off the railing where he had a death grip.

Luke was screaming, "I want mom to put me to bed!"

If Brek puts him to bed, we deal with similar melt-downs.

One night, in order to escape while Brek put the kids to bed, I locked myself in my bathroom. (It isn't easy being so popular, you know.) Luke came banging on the door. I told him to let dad tuck him and I would come give him a kiss as soon as I could.

Finally, I felt it was safe to emerge without being bombarded. However, as I walked out of my bathroom, I found this.

Kicked back and relaxed....patiently waiting for mom, he had fallen asleep on my bedroom floor (jammies and pull-up laying nearby). I've got to hand it to him. He is one persistent little guy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

North to Alaska

Last night Brek left for Anchorage, Alaska. We prepared ourselves here at home for 3 days without dad. At 11:00 this morning, there was a knock on the door. And there stood Brek.

Brek and my dad left last night and flew to Anchorage. Upon landing, they learned that a volcano had erupted about 60 miles away. The wind was picking up and ash was headed their direction. It looked as though all flights would be cancelled heading out of Anchorage. Brek and dad were due to catch a flight out of Anchorage to the north slope of Alaska (ah, the joys of being in the snow blower business), but that flight was going to be cancelled. They were also informed that it was likely the airport would be shut down for a week or more.

Brek and dad made a quick executive decision to get out of Anchorage if at all possible. Brek found a flight leaving almost immediately for SLC. Dad left his luggage, which hadn't even been unloaded yet, and they made a mad dash through the airport. They were the last ones on the plane.

Maybe it was divine intervention. Today is dad's birthday, and he did mention that he would sooner have his eyes pecked out by birds than spend 3 days in freezing cold Alaska (a bit drastic, don't you think?!) So, happy birthday dad! The two weary travellers are home.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Line Upon Line

Today Brek and I spoke in church. I can't say that I love speaking in church. Actually, the part I dislike the most is the actual writing of the talk. But it is done, and I now have a greater resolve to make our family home evenings better.

The highlight of speaking in church was sitting on the stand. Because, you see, I got to sit and observe my children from afar, as opposed to sitting with them while struggling to keep them reverent. They were actually very well behaved, at least they appeared to be from where I sat. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. It is an interesting thing to watch children's eyes. They are so observant, taking in all around them.

After Brek and I had finished speaking, I glanced down at the kids. Josh gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up. It was sweet to see the kids "cheering us on" so to speak.

After church, we migrated to dad's house to see our cousins. The weather was nice enough that the kids spent a lot of time outside playing. Once again, I enjoyed observing. And while doing so, I was privileged to see the evolution of the back flip....backwards.

Sydney, Madelyn, and Luke were all on the trampoline. As though they had planned it, they each performed their tricks one right after the other. Sydney began with a back flip, then hopped off the trampoline. Madelyn followed with a front flip (landing on her bum), then hopped off the trampoline. Only Luke remained, and the minute Madelyn jumped off, he proceeded to do a somersault.

Each had seen the sibling in front of them do a trick and then did their version of that trick. Back flip, front flip, somersault. Reversed, this would be the natural progression of steps a child takes in learning to do a back flip. Each skill mastered gives them confidence to move on to bigger and better feats.

Isn't life a bit like that? In the gospel, we learn line upon line, precept upon precept. We continually work to become better so we are moving towards that "back flip", instead of digressing back to somersaults.

(Good thing I'm not really talking about doing an actual back flip or I would be in big trouble. To this day I still can't do a back flip on the trampoline. In most things in life, I wouldn't consider myself a chicken. But, back flips on the trampoline brings out the chicken in me like you wouldn't believe!)

So, I guess I'll stick to strengthing my testimony, and leave the back flips to Syd.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Time Once Again

Happy Birthday Syd the kid!

Do you know what I love about you? Well, everything!

I especially love your determination. You are not to be outdone by your older brothers. You work hard at everything you do and try to do the best you can. I believe you could accomplish anything you put your mind to.

I love your big hugs for me, and I love to laugh with you. I love the way you try hard to do what is right. You are one amazing, beautiful, violin playing, back flipping, fast-running, ballerina (to sum up a few of your talents!)

Love you my little 9 year old!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going for the Gold

As we were watching American Idol the other night, Madelyn looked up at me with stars in her eyes and asked, "Mom, does the person who wins get a great big huge trophy?!"

Because, you know, to a 7 year old, trophies are where it's at!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What A Week

Where have I been for the past week? I'd say two words can just about sum it up. Sick Baby.

My poor little Ben has been absolutely miserable, coughing his brains out, slightly feverish, runny nose, exhausted....you know the drill.

Ben and his poor dad, who has also been sick, kept each other company from time to time.

Now, a week and a half later and two ear infections later he is once again the Ben we all know and love. He is back to his usual tricks, emptying any cupboard or drawer he can get his hands on, stomping up and down and crying whenever he feels the need to throw a tantrum, laughing, playing, snuggling.

I knew Ben was back to his usual self when he came running as soon as he heard me turn on the bathtub. For the past week, baths have been anything but pleasurable. He would just cry and cry when I put him in the bathtub, because you see, it would require me actually putting him down! But for a fish like Ben, crying over bath time is not the norm.

Oh, it is so good to have my happy Ben back!

Oh, by the way, on top of a sick baby, it was also project week around here. Both Scott and Josh had big projects due, and although they did most of the work themselves, when it came time for the final display, they needed a bit of help from mom and dad! I would have to say they turned out great.