Monday, December 14, 2009

Wedding Bells

On the day after Thanksgiving, we headed to Utah for Brek's one and only sister's wedding. It was such a great day! We are SO happy for her! She was married in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. It was cold, but still a great day!

Kristin is the only girl in a family of seven. She has lots of brothers to look out for her, I guess!

I love this picture of Brek's dad. Doesn't it just shout out JOY?!

I love my little man! Picture time was a long, cold wait for him.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

More catch-up.

Syd and Maddy got to be in Hansel and Gretel. Their ballet teacher did a fantastic job and put on a great production. Maddy was a darling little gingerbread cookie who always had a little smile on her face as though she had some hidden secret. And Syd was a town girl, an angel, a deer, and a troll. Her favorite was the troll because she got to do back handsprings. But my favorite was the beautiful and graceful. She is such a beautiful little dancer!

The only killer was all the makeup! I am NOT a makeup expert. I actually had to go buy eye shadow, because I didn't even own any. But by the end of the week, I was a regular pro....well, sort of!

Luke is not happy to be getting his picture taken, apparently!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Week's been a while.

What can I say. Life is crazy! But on the bright side, my Christmas shopping list is getting much shorter!

My plan is to spend a few days catching up. I know we are all WAY past Halloween, but alas, I must document. So just a quick update.

The older boys weren't much into dressing up this year. But the younger four had a great time. We had two darling witches, a muscle man, and a pirate.

The weather was perfect, which brought out about a jillion trick-or-treaters. We had a great night trick-or-treating, gave away a LOT of candy, and had fun visiting with friends on the porch.

Attack of the pirate boy!
Trick-or-treaters, beware of the crazy pirate swinging a golf club!

Oh yes, and of course we had the traditional night of pumpkin carving.

Goodbye October! See you again next year!