Sunday, February 27, 2011

A return to blogging

Time flies. We have successfully completed another Halloween, Thanksgiving (I hosted this year for the first time), and Christmas since my last post. Maybe one day I will feel ambitious and post some past photos. But then again....probably not. I can't even manage to keep up with the laundry for heavens sake! I had just about given up on my blog, deciding I just didn't have time for it. But recently I was sick, and with nothing else to do but lie in bed, I decided to look at my "old" blog. How fun it was to read about my family. I laughed, smiled, and WISHED I had written more. So, without further ado, I have decided to take up blogging once again. Or at least give it a try!

I think I will start with a little update on my at a time, and in no particular order. I will start with Luke.

Why start with Luke? Mostly because I don't want to forget some of his classic statements as of late. Not too long ago, I spent the day in Boise with my sister-in-laws (on the Pilling side). While I was there I started getting sick. When I finally arrived home, I was greeted by my kids.

Luke: Mom, are you sick?
Me: I don't know buddy.
Luke: (reaching out his hand to feel my forehead) Let me check.

Luke: Yep! You're sick alright. (feeling his own head) I have a cold, and you have a hot.

Another funny tidbit about Luke....(but you must promise to keep this a secret, for it is a GREAT secret). Luke is a spy. At least that's what he tells me.
One day he whispered into my ear, "Mom, did you know I'm a spy?"
"Really?" I responded.
"Yes," he whispered. "But don't tell my teacher or they will kick me out of school!"

A while later, Luke came home from school and informed me that he needed to talk to me in his bedroom....just me and him.

OK, I said.

Later we had our secret talk. Luke whispered, "Mom, do you know what spy food is? It's SNOW. Sometimes, instead of eating popcorn while we watch a movie, I might eat snow, because snow is secret spy food."

You learn something new every day!

Luke is an amazing kid. He delights me. He loves kindergarten. Often, he gets his homework out and does it all on his own (even though he is supposed to read everything to me). He then signs my name for me...."M O M". Just like that. (I told him his teacher was pretty smart and might figure that one out, so he lets me listen and sign now.)

Luke is learning to play the piano. He is unlike any child I have had thus far! As I sit here and type, he is in on the piano (without being asked to do so, I might add). He has turned on the metronome and is "performing" his latest song. (If only he were actually playing with the metronome..... But nobody's perfect!)

Luke has learned my phone number. Last week while driving, I received a phone call about every 30 seconds. "Mom, when are you going to be home?....Hey mom, I forgot to tell you that I love you. Love you the most!....Mom, Ben wants to tell you he loves you....Mom, Maddy won't let me play with her...." etc., etc., etc. Finally I asked, "Luke, who taught you my phone number?!" "You did!" he responded.

And last, but not least, let me end with one of my favorite "lukeisms" as of late. Every now and then he says to me, "Kiss me you fool!"

He loves to give me hugs and kisses. One day he was literally smothering me with kisses during home evening. Finally I said, "Thank you! That's probably enough for right now."

He responded, "I'm just kissing you because I love you SO much mom!"

And I love you SO much my little friend!